Are you a social media addict?

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be fun and also a great way to establish your social media presence. But they can also be very addictive. And if you’re not careful or aware, you can be easily sucked into this addiction. And this addiction to social media sites put you into the same category of people who suffer from IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder)

Widipedia defines and divides IAD into:

“Subtypes by activity, such as excessive viewing of pornography, overwhelming and excessive gaming, inappropriate involvement in online social networking sites or blogging, and Internet shopping addiction”

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you have or suspect you have the symptoms below, it’s time you started to fast from these social media sites and go take a walk in the park! You:

  • Spend more time on these social media sites than on your work.
  • Look forward to using them everyday.
  • Have your browser homepages set to these sites.
  • Get estactic when someone ‘thumbs-up’ your status or RT your tweets.
  • Click the Refresh/Reload button on your browser every few minutes to see if anyone has responded to your posting.
  • Spend more time answering quizzes or playing Bejeweled or the like than doing the important tasks first.
  • Answer all the quizzes in Facebook and when the result is not what you expected, you scorn at it. (This has to do with the ego thing).
  • Start using all the social media jargon in your SMS (eg. @, RT, #FF).
  • Feel like something is missing when you don’t get on these sites for a couple of days.

I must confess that I was on the verge of scoring full marks! And hence my absence from these sites for awhile. :)

And as usual, the list above is not exhaustive. Please feel free to add to it.

Best regards,
Melvin Neo


  1. Haha, now I know why your twitter reply says you just came back from Mars! When you responded to my tweet! And the Martian landed became earthling tweeted, retweeted and busy chatting yet again. HeeHee.

  2. Pulling out the Blackberry to Tweet when you are on a date with your spouse. (not always a good thing) He/She needs your undivided attention! :)

  3. Yes, I guessed that was the reason for your silence all this while. I think God is speaking to a lot of His children about this. Sound the trumpet! :)

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