My car got scratched!

2 days ago, my maid told me that my car got scratched. And it’s a long one too!

The scratch starts from the driver’s door to the back passenger’s door.

Why did it happen? How did it happen? My mind started to look for answers. As a person who doesn’t believe in coincidence and that everything happens for a reason, many reasons raced through my mind.

  • Could it be a revenge? – I don’t think so. Because if it’s a revenge, the scratch would have gone round my car. Or maybe worse. After all, I don’t remember offending anyone near the place where I’m living.
  • Could it be a mischief or just an act of jealousy? Most likely, I think. It’s quite a common thing in Singapore.

Yes, everything does happen for a reason, but why me? After all I’ve owned this car for more than a year. Why now? Why not when the car was new?

And before this happened, isn’t it funny that I didn’t ask, “Why not me?” when someone else’s car got scratched? ;p

Whatever it is, I can’t denied the fact that my car now has a scar – a long one for that matter.

But you know what? My reaction towards this ‘disfigurement’ was rather cool. If it was the old me, I’d have been fuming.

I guess the reason for my cool reaction was because as I’m walking closely with the Lord, although at times I still like material stuff, my attachment towards them is now almost nil, ziclh, nada, zero.

Hmmm, it sure pays to be attached to the Creator of the whole universe, doesn’t it?

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