It’s really mumbo jumbo!

“Hw r u. tku 4 visitg me. u r so kind bah. wat u did was cool siah. i reali lonno wat 2 say abt tt. but tomolo we’l c hw.”

I’m not sure about you.  But I usually get very confused, and at times irritated by such rampant use of short-forms and Singlish.

I can understand the use of short-forms in SMSes because one wants to save money.  But to carry such shortforms into emails and blogs?  What are they trying to save?  Or is it just a habit they carry over from the result of using one-too-many SMSes?

As for Singlish, I guess the reason people use them in SMSes or emails is to show familiarity; and maybe even intimacy.  But do we have to use Singlish to do that?  Can’t we use proper English?  What about those who don’t know Singlish?  Does that mean they’re short of words to express familiarity?

So what gives?  What do I want to put across? I really don’t know.  Remember, this post is categorised as ‘Mumbo Jumbo’? LOL

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