A Reason To Celebrate!

Recently, my Agel business partner cum good friend, Mei and her daughter, Dawn just got baptised! To be exact, it was on the 13th of December 2008 at between 10 to 11am.

I knew Mei, I think, slightly more than a year.  It was through another Agel business partner, Angelina that I got to know her.  From her not attending church; to her attending church; to her bringing her kids to church.  And now to her getting baptised together with her lovely daughter, Dawn! It was such a joy to witness these series of event.

Frankly, I really don’t know how they felt at the baptism.  But just by witnessing the whole event of another person stepping into the Kingdom of God has really blessed my day. The old is gone; and the new has come! Let’s rejoice with them. And with God too!

Below are just some of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken on that day. Enjoy!  Click on individual photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Congrats to Mei and Dawn!

    I rejoice with you both!

    God bless.

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