Longest Time Ever!

For those who know me would know that I can whip up a pretty nice site in less than a day. In fact my record was 6 hours! BUT. This time, I’ve finally met my match! Not that someone did a website faster than I do. But I took more than a month to finish up the site.

You see, a Singapore interior designer wanted me to revamp her website for her interior design company. But somehow, because of miscommunication and her high expectations, this website took the longest time ever for me to design. Even though technically this website is completed, the mobile and tablet versions are still not perfect as of my writing right now. This site is built based on a heavily customised WP theme. And it is one wbesite I won’t have any confidence of upgrading.

This is not only a website for a Singapore interior design company, it’s also a site for their new photography department which handles wedding photography, new born photography and family photograhy. And I’m tasked to do SEO for them, too. Although it has more than 20 pages, the useable ones are only around 5! It’s a real challenge for any SEOs.

Let’s see what happens 1, 3, 6 months down the road. Although it’s tough, I’m pretty confident that they can rank quite highly for their required keywords. It may take longer than normal. But it can be done. :)


FatherHeart Ministries @ The City Church

Are you one of the many Christians who knows about God but hardly knows Him? Y’know, there’s a difference between knowing about God and knowing God? Most of us love God from a distant.

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E-Commerce WordPress in Under A Day

Recently, my business partner and I started a business selling all natural deodorants for kids, teenagers and adults!  These natural deodorant products are mainly sold online. As such, I whipped up a website with e-commerce functionality built on WordPress. And guess what? I did it in under 2 day or less! Although it’s a very basic site, it does have the capability to do online transaction. I’m rather proud of myself, actually. 😉

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Web Hosting for Singapore SME’s

Hey, I’ve started another web hosting company! It’s called, The purpose of this web hosting company is to fill a gap found in today’s web hosting industry: high quality web hosting at an affordable price for SME’s and individuals who need only minimal technical support.


Setting Up a New Company

Recently, I’ve successfully made another barter trade deal! And this time I’m trading my web design service for a company incorporation service. You see, I’ve just started a new private limited company called, 47 Media Pte Ltd. And to do that I needed someone who knows how to handle new company setup, corporate secretarial and all other necessary services.

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Used Golf Balls Singapore

Are you into golf? I was. But not anymore because of other time commitments. You know, when I played golf, I always used new balls with the thought that with new balls, I could send the ball further. Ok. I know what you’re thinking. But isn’t this what amateurs want, a longer distance off the tee? Well, the balls did go a longer distance. But guess what? Because of bad or no accuracy, they went the direction I didn’t want them to! To the water. To OB. To God-knows-where.

When I started to do the maths, I realised that the money I spent on new balls each month could get me a short iron! So, I started to buy used golf balls. But back then, the used golf ball’s conditions were not very good. But what to do, for the sake of money, I had to live with it. How I wished I had known Mr Balwant back then.

Who’s Mr Balwant? Mr Balwant is the Director of The Learning Tee Pte Ltd. Although he’s a professional golf coach, as far as I know, he’s also the gentlemen who owns the biggest used golf balls shop in Singapore.

You see, a few months ago, I received a call from Mr Balwant asking me if I could do up an e-commerce site for his used golf balls. “Of course I can” was the answer. When I went down to his shop in Katong Plaza and took a look at the used balls, I was very surprised to find out that majority of them were as good as new! Seriously. No joke. You gotta go down to his shop to check it out.

Anyway, the site is now ready. And as of my writing, he’s giving 20% discount for purchases done on his site. If you’re into golf, you owe yourself a favour to check his site out. Here’s the site URL:


Singapore Online Florist

Recently, I partnered with a friend and started an online flower shop.

No. It’s not the one I mentioned in my previous post. It’s a brand new site. And I’m one of the co-owner of this site.

It’s not your usual online florist in Singapore in that I don’t arrange the flowers myself. I just gather some of the top online flower shops in Singapore and sell on their behalf. I’m kinda like the middleman y’know.

So, this site that sells flowers online is my, I can’t remember, but I think it’s my 10th passive income business. Passive income is fun!

C’mon! Buy from my Singapore online florist shop and make my mother happy! 😉


Robinson Suites, Singapore Prime Condo!

In my previous post, I mentioned that real estate agents are getting smarter by registering the domain name that is the same as the project name. Now, many of them are using WordPress to quickly whip out their own site! I wonder what they’ll be up to next…

My friend, The Property Guy, engaged me to do up another site for a new project called, Robinson Suites located in the heart of CBD, Singapore. Unfortunately this time round, the major domain names are already taken up by his ‘competitors’. However, he still managed to get hold of the domain, and Robinson Suites Condominium.

And yours sincerely me, is going to do something different and creative this time round that’ll hopefully get his site to the top of the Google for keywords like, “Robinson Suites“, “Robinson Suites Singapore“, “Robinson Suites @ Robinson Road“, and “Robinson Suite Condo“. How am I going to do it? It’s a trade secret. And it’s definitely white-hat!

Stay tuned.