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Insurance Agents or Financial Consultants?

Do you call them insurance agents, financial consultants, financial advisors or financial planners?

Or is it the insurance industry, financial planning industry, financial consulting industry or wealth management industry?

In the past, it was much easier. It was just insurance agents and insurance industry. When I was in the insurance industry from 1994 to 2002, the insurance job is not something people looked up to. It was worse prior to 1994. People would run in the opposite direction when they saw an agent coming! Yes, ok. I was exaggerating. But I believe you guys get the drift; especially those of you who’re born in my generation. :-)

Back then, to be an agent, all that was needed was 3 ‘O’ levels. You’d get all sort of people becoming insurance agents. From the doorman to the chairman; you name it, you’ll have it! As time passes, the bar has been raised. More and more fresh graduates are treating the financial planning career as a viable profession. Some are even very proud that they’re in this industry!

Now, do you call them insurance agents, financial consultants, financial advisors or financial planners? I’ll find out tomorrow when I meet up with two insurance managers. Eh…. or should I call them financial planning managers? Now I’m confused…


50,000 people throng Circle Line

More than 50,000 people turned up to take free train rides through the 11 new stations from Dhoby Ghaut to Bartley.” quoted *The Straits Time today.

It’s not unusual to see people forming up lines everywhere in Singapore. These are some of the places you get to see Singapore’s national hobby:

  1. Outside of 4D/Toto booth; especially when the prize is big;
  2. Newly launched shopping centres;
  3. Newly launched MRT lines;
  4. Hawker centres with famous food stalls;
  5. Traffic jams caused by ‘curious’ motorists. Note, the jam is caused by curious motorists, not caused by the accident itself. And the best part is many a time, the accident is actually on the other side of the road;
  6. New IPO launches – most of the people queueing up are there for the freebies and free lunches;
  7. It’s early in the morning. I can’t think of any more. If you’d like you can contribute more to this list.

Seriously, are Singaporeans getting bored? Is queuing one of favourite Singaporean’s pastimes? Or am I the odd one out? What gives?

Maybe The Straits Times can interview those Singaporeans who like to queue.

Maybe somebody can get into their minds and find out why.

Maybe someone can think of a way to ‘milk’ those queue-happy Singaporeans. :)


*Source: Breaking News – The Straits Times


Windows works faster in an Apple?

As an owner of a web hosting and web design company, I have to use several Internet browsers to check and see if my sites turn out okay in different browsers. And if you’re a web designer, you’d agree with me that most, if not all, web designers just don’t like IE6. Period. But unfortunately, many people are still using it! Therefore, I had no choice but to install a Windows XP Pro in my Mac so that I check if my websites turn up ok in IE6.

Yes, you heard it right. Install Windows XP Pro in my Mac!

No. I did not use Apple Boot Camp to do it. Because Boot Camp requires me to reboot each time I want to switch between OS X and Win Pro. Instead, I installed a software called, “Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac” With this software, I can run Windows in my Mac just like I run any other programs like Safari, Mail, etc. I don’t have to reboot.  In fact, I think this software allows you to even run other OS’s too!

Installing Parallels was a jiffy. But installing Windows XP Pro? Eh…. what’s new?

And guess what? It took only about 2 to 3 minutes to start up the Windows XP Pro in my Mac!. It takes my Windows notebook forever to boot it up. What a joke! A Windows actually works faster in an Apple!

A side note for my Singapore readers: The “Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac” is retailing for US$79 in the Internet and the major stores in Funan Centre are selling it about S$129 to S$149. But there are a couple of stores there that sell the OEM version. The cheapest I got was S$79! If you’re interested, go check it out yourself. :)

Now, I wonder if I must install anti virus software for my Mac….. For those who’re using Windows, the word, “anti-virus” doesn’t exist in the Mac dictionary! ;p


7 Habits of Highly Effective Ah Bengs

Got this below from my friend, Pat. It’s so funny I have to put it up my blog. I don’t know the original source though.  Will give credit to it once I know where it came from.



It’s really mumbo jumbo!

“Hw r u. tku 4 visitg me. u r so kind bah. wat u did was cool siah. i reali lonno wat 2 say abt tt. but tomolo we’l c hw.”

I’m not sure about you.  But I usually get very confused, and at times irritated by such rampant use of short-forms and Singlish.

I can understand the use of short-forms in SMSes because one wants to save money.  But to carry such shortforms into emails and blogs?  What are they trying to save?  Or is it just a habit they carry over from the result of using one-too-many SMSes?

As for Singlish, I guess the reason people use them in SMSes or emails is to show familiarity; and maybe even intimacy.  But do we have to use Singlish to do that?  Can’t we use proper English?  What about those who don’t know Singlish?  Does that mean they’re short of words to express familiarity?

So what gives?  What do I want to put across? I really don’t know.  Remember, this post is categorised as ‘Mumbo Jumbo’? LOL


Human Tetris Anyone?


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