eCommerce Site with BigCommerce

Recently, my web hosting and design company has become the authorised resller for one of the top hosted ecommerce software company in the world called, BigCommerce.

And to kick start our first project, I decided to use it on a Singapore online florist‘s ecommerce website. Originally, my plan was to use Magento’s community version. But I found Magento to be pretty cumbersome and less user friendly. Switching to BigCommerce was a good move. Not only customising the default templates was easy, the interface for the end user was pretty easy too. Although the hosting fees cost much more, in the long run, it’ll save because designing on Magento will cost my client easily double of what I charge if I design the site on BigCommerce’s platform. So based on the time I need to spend on designing, a $4000 website on BigCommerce will cost $8000 if I were to use Magento instead.

Even since we became a reseller, we have received many orders! These orders were simply God sent!

You guys can take a look at our pilot project here: OnlineFlowers

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